Just a night out // Open RP


It had been way too long since he’d done this. Since he’d stopped working long enough to have a night for himself. A night to forget about everything else and enjoy being alive. Now most others would probably expect the British man to go to a library or some old coffee house on his time off. Well, they would be quite mistaken.

His hair had been fixed to give him a more stylish look than his usual, lazy, I’ve-been-working-all-day-don’t-talk-to-me style. He wore a pair of tight-fitting black jeans that were tucked into black, lace-up boots. Over a white tank top he wore a short sleeved, dark blue button up that was only buttoned up twice at his stomach. He still had his watch on his left wrist and he wore a plain silver band on his right middle finger.

He was currently located at the bar, sitting on a stool and enjoying a few drinks before he would make his way to the dance floor.