Chained to the Cross // Closed RP

Istanbul, Turkey


He still didn’t understand why William would pick Istanbul of all places. He had passed by the DNS Internet Management building and made a note that he would have to hack through the local firewalls so he could send his e-mails out without them being traced. He was a little curious what his new facility would be like. The coordinates had him next to a local school and there was a mosque just up the road. Once he was settled, he could research any other local scenes that he may want to check out later.

After parking the van at the back of the building he stepped out and looked around. At least he thought to check the forecast before arriving. It was pretty cloudy and the temperature was close to 45ºF. Shaun wore a black, double-breasted coat with a high collar and reached down to about mid-thigh. He stretched his arms above his head and sighed with relief when one of his shoulders popped. It had been a busy week and he’d be glad just to get everything moved.

He gave the building a once over before approaching a side door. He unbuttoned his second button and reached in his coat for a white envelope he had in his inside pocket. After he ripped the seal he tipped it over and a key fell into his hand. 

"Well, time to see m’new ‘ome for the next who knows ‘ow long," he said it with heavy sarcasm as he set the key in the lock. The Brit frowned once he’d gotten the door open, stepping inside and squinting, trying to see in the dark.